Taskmaster: Bob Mortimer's Poo

Back in July, Sally Phillips of 'Smack the Pony' fame contacted us with an unusual request...

She needed us to value comedian Bob Mortimer’s poo for Surprisingly Expensive, a round in the comedy series Taskmaster on Dave TV, in which they were both appearing.

Of course we were pleased to help and immediately contacted Sotheby’s for a valuation. They provided information which helped us to compare Bob’s poo with works of art like Piero Manzoni’s Merda d’artista. By combining their knowledge with our own research we were able to put a conservative value of £10-15,000 on a resin sphere containing Bob Mortimer’s poo.

Sadly, there wasn’t enough time left before the show to preserve and encapsulate a human poo, so Sally asked us to send a fox poo as a stand-in, to ensure that the audience would be able to see what a poo sphere looked like.

Taskmaster Series 5, Episode 7 aired in October 2017.

The poo fun starts at 02.36 Dave TV

Last week, Sally Phillips was interviewed for Den of Geek and we were delighted to read that for her, Bob Mortimer’s poo was one of highlights of the series.

Oh, the Bob shit!” she remembers, even more delighted at the memory than she was at the Finnish shaman pictures.

The Bob shit, or a first draft of it, numbers among the souvenirs Phillips took home from the series. For the ‘bring in a surprisingly expensive item’ prize task, she presented a human turd—by Sir Bob Mortimer—which was to be freeze-dried and set in resin for display in the National Poo Museum. “Doesn’t it give you deep joy that in a museum on the Isle of Wight there is a snow globe of Bob Mortimer’s poo? They want to have a wall of celebrity shits, but the only celebrity they’ve managed to get is Bob Mortimer.” Would she consider donating a sample? “I think I’d feel a bit shy about donating. I’d have to mind my diet for a bit before I did.”

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