Poo Museum Burgled

Thieves broke into the poo-dryer van parked outside National Poo Museum HQ. Their target was a stack of partially-dessicated cow pats.

We don’t know why they did it. None of the precious poos were spared - on the morning after the break-in only a few crumbs remained. The cow pats were being prepared for author Nicola Winsland. They would have been part of a Poo Hat and a Poo Chair at the launch of Pooems, her new book of poo-inspired verse.

Poo drying is a slow process so it’s too late to prepare a fresh batch before the book launch on November 12th. Nicola, an illustrator as well as a poet, issued a Wanted poster…

Wanted Poster with drawing of thief carrying off a stack of cow pats
Nicola Winsland

Nicola sent her poster to the Isle of Wight County Press. Other media soon picked up the story…

Sun headline: Poo Dunnit - thieves break into National Poo Museum

Pooems will be launched on Saturday November 12th 2016 at Quay Arts, Newport, Isle of Wight. Come and join Nicola between 2PM and 4PM for an admission free afternoon of family entertainment.

There will be special guest appearances from the National Poo Museum and talented singer songwriter Spike Oatley.

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