Poo and Hullabaloo

We unveil our Official Poo Museum Vehicle...

Hullabaloo is a new one-day annual event held in Sandown Bay, Isle of Wight, right outside Poo Museum HQ. It’s ambitious and innovative, combining the arts, community, health & wellbeing, heritage, environmental issues and much more.

Director Dan and Poo Technician Bill joined in, racing our Giant Wooden Tricycle in the Soapbox Derby. After a great start, cheered on by the crowd who counted down out loud as the Trike prepared for launch, they lost by a wide margin.

They never stood a chance against those soapbox carts. Our Giant Trike is designed for long-haul journeys, not speed. Director Dan Roberts built it a while ago for an expedition through Spain and Portugal. Since returning it has mostly languished in Poo Museum HQ where it hangs from a girder.

After fixing a few mechanical problems we added a mast with an elephant’s poo perched in the crow’s nest and some lights and bunting.

While they waited for the race to begin, Dan and Bill trundled up and down Sandown Esplanade, carrying a basket of poo spheres to test the poo-identification skills of Hullabaloo-goers.

This summer, we’ll be developing the Giant Trike as our Poo Museum Official Vehicle and using it to engage the public as we continue our mission to lift the lid on the secret world of poo.

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