News, views and Poos

Happy New Year Everyone!

If you are new to the National Poo Museum website or maybe you are revisiting following a wee absence, may I say welcome, welcome!

My name is Nicola Winsland and from this day I shall be bringing you all the news, views and poos from this utterly wonderful and truly unique institution.

You join us at a very exciting time since the wheels are now in motion for the museum’s move to its new historic home located atop a 43 metre high cliff overlooking the stunningly beautiful Sandown Bay on the Isle of Wight. We’ll be finding out more about this remarkable building (a Palmerston Fort built to prevent the French Navy from ever planting its toes onto the Bay’s golden sands) in future posts.

It’s promising to be an extremely eventful year and already radio stations and TV companies from home and abroad are tap, tap, tapping on the doors of TNPM’s head quarters vying for all the scoop on the poop. But hey, don’t you worry folks, my aim is to get in there first and to bring you all the latest Poo Museum developments and shenanigans as they unfold.

See you soon!

woman knee-deep in sea adjusts toilet floating on raft

Mark my words folks… one day you’ll all be queuing for one of these!

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