Our Museum

Poo is surrounded by taboo. We all poo but we don't talk much about it.

Small children naturally delight in poo but are soon taught to avoid this dangerous, yucky stuff. Later we learn that even mentioning it is bad. That’s a shame because we need to talk about poo.

Seriously-ill people often put off seeking help because they are too embarrassed to talk about their bowels. Kids with encopresis can suffer shame and guilt. We need to have conversations about these things, but taboo gets in the way.

Poo is fascinating and it’s everywhere. With the right equipment you can find it on almost any surface. Did you know that wombats do square poos? That parrotfish eat coral and poo out sand? That a revolution in the science of gut bacteria is leading to a new understanding of our biology?

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The National Poo Museum exists to explore all of these things. We use quirkiness and family-friendly humour to break through the taboo so we can engage and inform. We want to lift the lid on the secret world of poo - to examine our relationship with it and to change forever how we think about this amazing substance.