Mr Hankey, the Christmas Poo

When young Trey Parker refused to flush the loo his father warned the boy that his poo would come to life and kill him.

This questionable approach to toilet training seems to have left a deep impression on Trey. He began drawing Mr Hankey (his father’s name for the homicidal poo) in class and continued to draw him through his school days.

Some years later, when Trey Parker met Matt Stone at the University of Colorado, they discussed a project for a film starring Mr Hankey as a poo who befriends a little boy. It never happened - instead they made a pair of short films called The Spirit of Christmas which were the forerunners of South Park.

Mr Hankey lived on and when The Spirit of Christmas began to draw attention, Parker and Stone tried to interest a Fox executive in a childrens’ programme centered on him. According to Matt Stone, the response was: “I’m not putting poo on my network”.

Soon afterwards Parker and Stone pitched the idea to Viacom’s Comedy Central TV channel and Parker asked them, “How do you feel about talking poo?” This time the executives were unfazed. Parker and Stone signed up with Comedy Central and South Park was born.

Twenty years ago this Christmas, in Episode 9 of the First Season of South Park, Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo, had his day. Here’s the famous song.

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