About Us

Who are we? Why did we make a Poo Museum?

The National Poo Museum was created by Daniel Roberts, Nigel George and Dave Badman from the Eccleston George collective of artists and social entrepreneurs on the Isle of Wight.

We launched with “Poo at the Zoo” at Sandown, Isle of Wight on March 25 2016. It ws a joint event with Isle of Wight Zoo. This exhibition was open to zoo visitors over the spring and summer 2016.

Nigel George with a cat poo in a child's shoe
Man holds a poo encapsulated in a clear resin sphere up to the light

Dan Roberts with a resin-encapsulated horse poo
Man holds up horse poo encapsulated in a clear resin sphere

Poo at the Zoo was the first phase of our development of the Poo Museum. It featured an exhibition of twenty kinds of poo, encapsulated and displayed in illuminated resin spheres. These included elk, lion, human baby poo, a tawny owl pellet containing bones and teeth, 140 million year old fossil poo (coprolites) and a child’s shoe with a cat poo inside it.

We collected some poos from the wild in different countries. Some were also donated by Isle of Wight Zoo and Isle of Wight Dinosaur Museum. To prepare the faeces for encapsulation we built a special poo drying machine. A stick insect poo takes an hour or so to desiccate completely, but a lion poo can take a fortnight to dry!

Dave Badman works on an encapsulated poo
Man mounts a resin-encapsulated poo sphere on a stand

We use retro toilets so visitors can lift the lids and learn extraordinary poo-related facts. For example:

  • Common probiotic foods are produced using healthy bacteria originally isolated from human poo.

  • In 2016 if you have a poo on a train in Britain, there’s a 25% chance it will drop directly onto the tracks, because many carriages have never been fitted with sewage holding tanks.

  • Wombats are the only animal known to produce cubic poos, probably to prevent their territory-marking poos from rolling off the rocks where they are deposited.

Poo is all around us but we ignore it. The National Poo Museum’s mission is to lift the lid on the secret world of poo - to examine our relationship with it and to change forever the way we think about this amazing substance.

We also intend to rub people’s noses in important poo-related issues, from dog mess to the effects of diet on the microbiome, to lack of access to sanitation in developing countries.

“Poo provokes strong reactions. Small children naturally delight in it, but later we learn to avoid this yucky, disease-carrying stuff and that even talking about poo is bad. But for most of us, under the layers of disgust and taboo, we’re still fascinated by it.” - Nigel George, Poo Museum.

Nigel George tells the story behind Poo Museum on the Anton Savage Show


Poo encapsulated ready for display
Poo spheres ready for display

Human baby poo
Baby poo in clear resin sphere help up to the light

Poo Tree - a public experiment to find out why people hang dog poos in trees
small tree hung with black bags of poo and festooned with lights lights in dimly-lit Victorian gun battery

Poo at the Zoo was the first phase of the Poo Museum
 Poster for Poo at the Zoo exhibition - Phase 1 starts Easter 2016

The Poo Museum visits Southern Water, one of the sponsors of Poo at the Zoo
Poo Museum team and Southern water staff wearing high visibility jackets meet in front of sewage treatment plant

An impressive pigeon poo
Large pigeon poo encapsulated in clear resin globe

Poo Technician Ches George lowers a horse poo into the poo dryer - it may take a week to dry
Poo technician lowers a large horse poo into the drying chamber

Fox poo
Clouds and blue sky reflected as a fox poo encapsulated in a clear resin globe is held up to the light

Poo Museum in a Nutshell

A quick, printable, guide to the Poo Museum in a 2-page PDF


Poo Museum is just one of many projects run by Eccleston George collective...
Members of Eccleston-George collective adopt strange poses by a sea wall

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