Call of Nature

Richard 'Bugman' Jones. Entomologist and author, past president of the British Entomological and Natural History Society. He knows a LOT about poo.

Richard came to the the Isle of Wight at Easter, to sign copies of his latest book, Call of Nature - The Secret History of Dung. The Poo Museum joined him at Waterstone’s Bookshop in Newport.

“I love this book. Packed with scatological gems, it is a magnificent, highly entertaining and beautifully illustrated guide to the world of excrement.”

That’s how bumblebee expert Professor Dave Goulson described ‘Call of Nature’. The passages that Richard read at Waterstone’s Bookshop definitely backed this up. It was also fascinating to hear him talk about his childhood insect experiences and enthuse about his lifelong passion, the science of dung beetles.

The Poo Museum was on hand with Poo Facts, Poo Spheres and displays of fake animal poos on the pavement outside the Bookshop. We left with a signed copy of ‘Call of Nature’ for the Poo Museum’s embryonic library. It’ll be reviewed on this blog, sometime soon.

Richard’s own blog, Bugman Jones - The life and times of a curious entomologist is a great read, with posts on subjects ranging from digging up a Minotaur to nearly killing his Grandmother.

A Big Thank You to Sarah and the helpful staff at Waterstones, Newport.

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