The Lloyds Bank Turd

Poo Museum Blog Twelve hundred years ago an unknown Viking did a scary poo. In 1972 archaeologists dug it up...

Giulia Enders - Gut Reaction

Poo Museum Blog Giulia Enders was studying for her Ph.D when a talk entitled 'Charming Bowels' won her Germany's Science Slam prize, went viral and led to a best-selling book...

Pasi Klinga, Sewage Diver

Poo Museum Blog The most interesting part of sewer diving is seeing extraordinary places, like caves and tunnels...

Wombat Poo: the Facts

Poo Museum Blog Investigating square poos with jelly and an artificial wombat gut.

2017 Tour - Sandown, Isle of Wight

Poo Museum Blog We started our tour on March 18, a few hundred metres from Poo Museum HQ. Here's how it went.