Poo Museum at Bestival 2016

Poo Museum Blog Bestival is a music festival held every year here on the Isle of Wight. We took a few exhibits along.

Bill Gates turns Poo into Water

Poo Museum Blog Back in January 2015 the ex Microsoft CEO sipped water extracted from poo...

BIAZA 2016

Poo Museum Blog The Poo Museum will participate in the British & Irish Institute of Zoos & Aquariums Education and Presenters Conference.

Pooper - Uber for Dog Poo?

Poo Museum Blog Tired of bagging your dog's poo? Now you can leave it on the ground. A new app will summon a paid "Scooper" to take it away. Has the Sharing Economy gone mad or is something else afoot?

Poo Canon, Tank Toilet

Poo Museum Blog In 2009 Russian Inventor Aleksandr Georgievich Semenov filed a patent application for a terrifying new weapon.