Nicky Byrne Show

Poo Blog What's Nicky been up to since Westlife disbanded? Representing Ireland in Eurovision 2016 and interviewing Dan from the Poo Museum.

BBC Earth on the Poo Museum

Poo Blog They went in search of the strangest uses of poo...

Nerd Nite is Turd Nite

Poo Blog On July 6 the Brighton Nerd Nite organisers presented Turd Nite. Nige and Dan from the Poo Museum joined them.

Poo-Pourri v Reckitt Benckiser

Poo Blog A tiny American firm is suing the giant British maker of Air Wick, Scholl, Dettol, Strepsils and Durex for copycatting their poo product advertising.

Poo at the Zoo Song

Poo Blog They've got an awful lot of poo at the zoo...

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