Pooems by Nicola Winsland

Poo Museum Blog The author/illustrator talks about her poo poetry and the burglary that nearly upset her upcoming book launch.

Poo Museum Burgled

Poo Museum Blog Thieves broke into the poo-dryer van parked outside National Poo Museum HQ. Their target was a stack of partially-dessicated cow pats.

Eccleston-George... Who?

Poo Museum Blog We're a collective of artists, craftspeople, creative thinkers and social entrepreneurs. The people behind the Poo Museum. Welcome to our world!

Poo Museum at Bestival 2016

Poo Museum Blog Bestival is a music festival held every year here on the Isle of Wight. We took a few exhibits along.

Bill Gates turns Poo into Water

Poo Museum Blog Back in January 2015 the ex Microsoft CEO sipped water extracted from poo...