Poo Museum in New York Times

Poo Blog A few weeks ago, Senior Editor Des Shoe came down from London to interview us about the Poo Museum.

Poo Fact 3: Manure Fires

Poo Blog In Ventura County, California, in 2009 a pile of animal manure spontaneously burst into flames. Fanned by 50 miles-per-hour winds, the resulting fire soon ran out of control.

The Dubai Poop Snake

Poo Blog In 2009 a youtube video shot by a car passenger in Dubai went viral and started an internet meme.

Nicky Byrne Show

Poo Blog What's Nicky been up to since Westlife disbanded? Representing Ireland in Eurovision 2016 and interviewing Dan from the Poo Museum.

BBC Earth on the Poo Museum

Poo Blog They went in search of the strangest uses of poo...