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Wildlife Celebs meet our Poos
Curious Creatures is on BBC2 at 6.30 every day this week... MORE

Close Encounters of the Turd Kind
Poo Museum brings wildlife celebrities face-to-faeces with Nature's scariest poos. MORE

Poo and Hullabaloo
We unveil our Official Poo Museum Vehicle... MORE

April is Bowel Cancer Awareness Month
If you are diagnosed at the earliest stage of bowel cancer your chances of survival are high. As the disease develops, they become significantly lower. MORE

Call of Nature
Richard 'Bugman' Jones. Entomologist and author, past president of the British Entomological and Natural History Society. He knows a LOT about poo. MORE

Embraceable Loo
Sung by The Puru. You haven't heard of The Puru? Read on... MORE

Hannibal's trail of poo
For over two thousand years, historians, statesmen and academics have argued about the route Hannibal took across the Alps. MORE

Fear my Eyebrows
News-O-Matic ran a story about The National Poo Museum. A young reader responded. MORE

Stink at the museum
Crinkling News, the first national newspaper for young Australians, ran a story about us... MORE

Other Poo Museums
There are more poo museums than you might think! These are the ones we know about. MORE

Donate your poo
Scientists are offering $13,000 per year for it MORE

Anton Savage Show
Poo hammocks. Freezing faeces with a fire extinguisher. Nigel George has Today FM's host in stitches. Don't miss it! MORE

Blast-freezing lemur faeces
A team from the National Poo Museum and Sandown Zoo shows you how MORE

Be a Citizen Scientist
The British Gut Project wants you to explore your inner self and help science MORE

Minecraft Poop Emoji
Make one! TSMC will show you how. MORE

Super Cloaca
A poo machine created by Belgian neo-conceptual artist Wim Delvoye. MORE

Winning the Poo
Working in a hospital inspired Belgian photographer Anne Charlotte Wouters to create beautiful portraits of people and their poo. Finding sitters wasn't easy. MORE

We're Number 2!
Italy's Poo Museum, the Museo della Merda, was there first. MORE

The eXcrement factor
How did dung change world history and what can we learn from studying animal droppings? A talk at the Chelsea Physic Garden ... MORE

Coprolites and biomarkers
Dr Fiona Gill talks about molecules preserved in ancient poo and what they can tell us about extinct animals... MORE

Be a Nature Detective!
There are poos almost everywhere. Sniff them out and ID them with this chart from the Woodland Trust... MORE

The Lloyds Bank Turd
Twelve hundred years ago an unknown Viking did a scary poo. In 1972 archaeologists dug it up... MORE

Giulia Enders - Gut Reaction
Giulia Enders was studying for her Ph.D when a talk entitled 'Charming Bowels' won her Germany's Science Slam prize, went viral and led to a best-selling book... MORE

Pasi Klinga, Sewage Diver
The most interesting part of sewer diving is seeing extraordinary places, like caves and tunnels... MORE

Wombat Poo: the Facts
Investigating square poos with jelly and an artificial wombat gut. MORE

2017 Tour - Sandown, Isle of Wight
We started our tour on March 18, a few hundred metres from Poo Museum HQ. Here's how it went. MORE

It must be true.
I read it in the newspaper! MORE

Poo Fact 1: Parrotfish
Meet the beaked fish that poos sand. MORE

The Big Business
Small boy treads on dog poo and discovers that 'where there's muck, there's brass' MORE

Fake a fossil poo!
Archaeologists love ancient poos because they're full of clues... MORE

National Poo Museum Tour begins March 2017
The first stop will be Sandown Library, Isle of Wight. MORE

BBC Earth Unplugged at the Poo Museum
Edu-tuber Maddie Moate made a video about us. Watch it now and learn how to polish a turd. MORE

About Us
Who are we? Why did we make a Poo Museum? MORE

Birds, Broodsacs and Zombie Snails
Sometimes, when an Amber Snail has eaten poo, something spectacular and horrible happens. MORE

Toilet Twins!
We met with Lesley Quirk at The Living Room Café. She brought her own toilet. MORE

We're on the Move!
After a great season, our exhibition at Isle of Wight Zoo is ending. MORE

Pooems by Nicola Winsland
The author/illustrator talks about her poo poetry and the burglary that nearly upset her upcoming book launch. MORE

Poo Museum Burgled
Thieves broke into the poo-dryer van parked outside National Poo Museum HQ. Their target was a stack of partially-dessicated cow pats. MORE

Eccleston-George... Who?
We're a collective of artists, craftspeople, creative thinkers and social entrepreneurs. The people behind the Poo Museum. Welcome to our world! MORE

Poo Museum at Bestival 2016
Bestival is a music festival held every year here on the Isle of Wight. We took a few exhibits along. MORE

Bill Gates turns Poo into Water
Back in January 2015 the ex Microsoft CEO sipped water extracted from poo... MORE

BIAZA 2016
The Poo Museum will participate in the British & Irish Institute of Zoos & Aquariums Education and Presenters Conference. MORE

Pooper - Uber for Dog Poo?
Tired of bagging your dog's poo? Now you can leave it on the ground. A new app will summon a paid "Scooper" to take it away. Has the Sharing Economy gone mad or is something else afoot? MORE

Poo Canon, Tank Toilet
In 2009 Russian Inventor Aleksandr Georgievich Semenov filed a patent application for a terrifying new weapon. MORE

Flushed with Pride
A fantastic exhibition at the Gladstone Pottery Museum. Poo Museum Director Nige dropped by to see the antique toilets and smell the Victorian slum. MORE

Poo Museum in New York Times
A few weeks ago, Senior Editor Des Shoe came down from London to interview us about the Poo Museum. MORE

Poo Fact 3: Manure Fires
In Ventura County, California, in 2009 a pile of animal manure spontaneously burst into flames. Fanned by 50 miles-per-hour winds, the resulting fire soon ran out of control. MORE

The Dubai Poop Snake
In 2009 a youtube video shot by a car passenger in Dubai went viral and started an internet meme. MORE

Nicky Byrne Show
What's Nicky been up to since Westlife disbanded? Representing Ireland in Eurovision 2016 and interviewing Dan from the Poo Museum. MORE

BBC Earth on the Poo Museum
They went in search of the strangest uses of poo... MORE

Nerd Nite is Turd Nite
On July 6 the Brighton Nerd Nite organisers presented Turd Nite. Nige and Dan from the Poo Museum joined them. MORE

Poo-Pourri v Reckitt Benckiser
A tiny American firm is suing the giant British maker of Air Wick, Scholl, Dettol, Strepsils and Durex for copycatting their poo product advertising. MORE

Poo at the Zoo Song
They've got an awful lot of poo at the zoo... MORE

Sunnysiders blog
Why do pupils at Sunnyside School talk so much about poo? Because it's the rudest word they know? Or could it be... MORE

Poo at the Zoo - Opening Day!
After much preparation our exhibition in collaboration with Sandown Zoo is now open to visitors... MORE