Toilet Roll of Honour

Our Resident Inventor Dan is designing an exhibit that will be a permanent thank-you to our crowdfund contributors.

Dan’s plans for the Roll are still evolving. Here’s his latest sketch.

The names of our crowdfund contributors will be strung together to represent a huge toilet roll.

This Roll of Honour will be prominently displayed in the museum where visitors will be able to scroll through the names.

If you would like to be entered on the the Poo Museum Roll of Honour, visit our crowdfund site.


The Toilet Roll of Honour will also be online. When the crowdfund is over, we’ll put a video on Poo Tube, showing it scrolling down to reveal the names of our contributors.

Dan’s past inventions include the Giant Wooden tricycle, built for a road trip though Spain. Its trekking days are over and we now use it to engage the public as part of our mission to educate, entertain and amaze.

Woman stands by a giant wooden tricycle parked in a car-park while a man prepares to board it.

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