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Why do pupils at Sunnyside School talk so much about poo? Because it's the rudest word they know? Or could it be...

Daring Dan poo-collector man!

Daring Dan recycles things From bits of wood to broken springs, Plastic tubing big and small, Daring Dan collects it all. Twisted metal dulled by rust, Teapots, saucepans, Dan’s not fussed! It’s all treasure in Dan’s head, And so he piles it in his shed.

Along with……

Pencil shavings, chicken wire, Toilet seats, a tractor tyre, Bottle tops, ceramic tiles, Candles, handles, knobs and dials. Deckchairs, magnets, cogs and wheels, Curling tongs and fishing reels. Walking sticks, an antique chair, Floor to ceiling Tupperware! Bent umbrellas, fountain pens, A stethoscope, a camera lens, Copper piping, biscuit tins, Watches, swatches, violins.

Now in amongst all this to do, Dan thought he’d start collecting poo! He made the somewhat odd decision, To build a pooey exhibition. It was Dan’s unique intention, To give all poo more of a mention. And so he packed his home-made tent, To scour the land for excrement. Dan gathered poo from all around, You’ll be amazed at what he found! From animals of every species, He bagged a dollop of their faeces. Now, whilst this might seem rather queer, Dan set them in a resin sphere, And trapped within, in all their glory, They tell a fascinating story.

Dan soon developed an affection For his mounting poo collection, But then arrived the perfect day, To put his poo gems on display. Now everybody else can see ‘em At The National Poo Museum, You won’t forget the day you came, You’ll never look at poo the same! And once you’ve seen this pooey show, You’ll find you’re in the pooey know, Then no doubt you’ll become a fan, Of poo-collector Daring Dan!

Bill Cane kids