Pooems by Nicola Winsland

The author/illustrator talks about her poo poetry and the burglary that nearly upset her upcoming book launch.

Pooems, a humorous anthology of animal poo, will be launched at Quay Arts, Newport, Isle of Wight on 12 November 2016.

 Author Nicola Winsland holds up a copy of her book, Pooems - a humorous anthology of animal poo

“I remember it wasn’t long after the National Poo Museum opened its door to the public back in March that Nigel came to me and said that the Poo Museum had practically gone viral and that I should write something about it on my own blog Sunnysiders. He thought a poo poem would be a good idea.”

“Now, having already written two or three poems in the past about ‘Daring Dan’ and his inventing antics, it only seemed right and proper to pen a verse about his poo collection. And so Daring Dan Poo Collector Man was created.”

“I had such fun writing it that a few more poo poems quickly followed, then a few more after that. Before I knew it I had a small collection of pooems…and I had indeed turned into a pooet! Pooems was born!”

“Dan mentioned to me a while ago that he wanted to harvest some cowpats to display at the launch along with some of the exhibits from the Poo Museum and I do remember having a bonkers conversation with him about the best place to find them. They had to be in just the perfect state (I’m not sure what that is exactly) in order for him to scoop them up. Well, he obviously found the perfect pats, the very ones they burgled from the van!”

“I found out about the dastardly deed in a text from Dan which read, and I quote, Burglars destroyed yr cowpats!

When I texted back, What do you mean? he said, Seems the wd be burglars made off in disgust after an avalanche of poo tumbled on them!

After a bit of oh no what do we do now, we quickly realised we had a funny poo story on our hands! The rest is history.”

“The launch will be fun!!! The Poo Museum will have some exciting activities for folks to participate in. Talented singer songwriter Spike Oatley and I have collaborated on a poo song. I have written the lyrics and Spike has composed the tune and done the musical arrangement. We shall be performing it for the first time at the launch. It’s entitled The Poo Poo Train, and it is all about the journey our food takes from start to finish and where it ultimately ends up!”

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