Poo Museum at Bestival 2016

Bestival is a music festival held every year here on the Isle of Wight. We took a few exhibits along.

Very different from the more famous and mainstream Isle of Wight Festival, Bestival is the brainchild of DJ and record producer Rob da Bank. It encourages the offbeat and alternative. Innovations have included an inflatable church where people can get married and the “Breastival”, a quiet zone for nursing mothers.

A poo globe is held aloft among the Bestival crowds

We teamed up with Arc Environmental Consultancy and the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust in the busy environment tent. Our task was to join Bestival-goers in developing and exploring the links between poo, ecology and biodiversity.

A small girl with a painted face holds a poo globe

Live projections of magnified slugs and wolf spiders, bone collections and bird nests, leeches and huge beetle grubs were all on show. Among the most popular objects were our resin-encapsulated poos - spider monkey, wren poo on a leaf, and most talked about, an entire cow pat!

Two small boys examine a resin-encapsulated cowpat

People quickly overcame their natural squeamishness and were soon examining the exhibits with great enthusiasm and curiosity. We were delighted by the positive feedback. “More exhibits and more places to find them please!” was the Bestival’s response to the Poo Museum, along with “Will you be here next year?”

Two young women from the Bestival crowd,, each holding a poo globe

We have ambitious plans for the development of the Poo Museum. It will be great if some of them have been realised by the time Bestival comes round next year!

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