Poo at the Zoo - Opening Day!

After much preparation our exhibition in collaboration with Sandown Zoo is now open to visitors...

The moment finally arrived for us to officially open The National Poo Museum’s first ever public exhibition. Phase 1 of ‘Poo At The Zoo’ sputtered into life at the Isle of Wight Zoo on Good Friday 2016.

Poo connoisseur and exhibition director Daniel Roberts, with the help of his slightly stinky sidekick Nigel George, held up a partially unraveled toilet roll which local child, 6 year old Elizabeth from the Isle of Wight, ran through to declare the exhibition open.

<img src=”/images/our-first-visitor.jpg” alt=”Little girl cuts the ribbon at the museum entrance - it’s actually a toilet roll”

National Poo Museum

Visitors streamed into the darkened fort building to peer into 20 illuminated orbs containing different varieties of poo. We’d placed an array of retro toilets round the gallery and they could lift the lids to discover unusual facts about poo.

We’re also using the exhibition to ask the public to help us solve a mystery - why do poo trees exist? We’ll report progress on our blog.

<img src=”/images/poo-at-zoo-opening-day-1.jpg” alt=”tree branch in pot hung with black dog-poo bags and led lights”

National Poo Museum

Early feedback from a zoo spokesperson suggests that the exhibition is already very popular with visitors and is “Going down a storm and not the tubes!”

Encapsulated poos

<img src=”/images/poo-at-zoo-opening-day-3.jpg” alt=”visitors examine illuminated poo sphere”

National Poo Museum

Fossil poo

<img src=”/images/fossil-poo.jpg” alt=”dark fossil poo in illuminated poo globe on podium made of sewage pipe”

National Poo Museum

Poo display by Janette Gregson

<img src=”/images/poo-at-zoo-opening-day-2.jpg” alt=”hand-drawn posters illustrating how a sewage system works, displayed on a wall above a toilet”

National Poo Museum

Your pipes are smaller than you think

<img src=”/images/poo-at-zoo-opening-day-4.jpg” alt=”toilet with lid open to reveal leaflets - part of a display”

National Poo Museum

A poo cane

<img src=”/images/dan-with-poo-cane.jpg” alt=”Dan poses with a cane - the handle is a resin poo sphere”

National Poo Museum

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