Nerd Nite is Turd Nite

On July 6 the Brighton Nerd Nite organisers presented Turd Nite. Nige and Dan from the Poo Museum joined them.

According to Wikipedia “Nerd Nite is an event usually held at a bar or other public venue where 2-3 presenters share about a topic of personal interest or expertise in a fun-yet-intellectual format while the audience shares a drink.”

The first Nerd Nite was organised by Chris Balakrishan at a cafe in Boston in 2003. Today, there are Nerd Nites in more than 80 cities worldwide.

 Table with Bristol Stool Chart and cakes resembling stools
Turd Night snacks!

One of the three speakers at Brighton Nerd Night had dropped out so at the last minute, Nige and Dan from the Poo Museum stepped in to fill the gap. They joined an enthusiastic audience at Verano Lounge, Brighton, to hear lectures about dog poo.

 Dan prepares talk while the audience enjoy refreshments in the background
Poo Museum Director, Dan Roberts

Merde! Tackling dog shit in postwar Paris

Dr Chris Pearson, Senior Lecturer in Twentieth Century History at the University of Liverpool, described Mayor Jacques Chirac’s attempts to tackle the poo problem with dog toilets, education campaigns and pooper-scooters.

Dirty dogs, worms and the politics of shit in 1970s Britain

Neil Pemberton is a historian based at the Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine. His special focus is on forensic science and animal-human history. He examined the Toxocara worm scare, a panic that threatened Britain’s future as a dog-walking nation, using this event as “an unusual lens upon 1970s British culture and society.”

The National Poo Museum

Squeezed in between these academic heavyweights, Nige and Dan told the story of how the Poo Museum came about, provided an on-stage demonstration of how to blast-freeze a poo and introduced the Museum’s new Anne Charlotte Wouters poo-test display.

Arcade-like machine with portraits of people to be matched to pictures of their poos
Anne Charlotte Wouters test. Match the person to the poo!

Special thanks to Nerd Nite organiser Jane Hume for moving our talk from the third to the second slot so that Nige and Dan could be back on the Isle of Wight in time for a photoshoot with New York Times photographer Andrew Testa, for their upcoming piece about the Poo Museum.

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