Eccleston-George... Who?

We're a collective of artists, craftspeople, creative thinkers and social entrepreneurs. The people behind the Poo Museum. Welcome to our world!

Eccleston-George members adopt strange poses by a sea wall

We believe that creativity and enterprise contribute to the development of everyone’s sense of identity, both as individuals and as members of society. We’ve seen how creative projects can galvanize community engagement and participation on issues that impact on quality of life for everyone.

Seminar with a group of students in The Works - Eccleston-George HQ

The Poo Museum is our latest venture but it’s only a part of what we do. Here are a couple of our other projects…

Imagination Refinery

It’s all about retaining a public asset and, by reuse and redevelopment, making it work for the local community of Sandown Bay, Isle of Wight. At the core of the vision is a sharing economy model whereby space is traded for time and public service, creating a hub of like-minded start-ups, social enterprises and community ventures.

Nigel George Imagination Refinery seminar . Ch ch ch Changes Turn and Face the Strange displayed on projector screen


A new way to integrate ecology into the built environment. Brick, concrete, wood and steel can all become functioning parts of local ecosystem services, bringing wildlife encounter into everyday places and adding natural resilience and protection to buildings and infrastructure.

 Triangular concrete artificial rockpool fixed to sea wall - captioned Letting Life find a Way

Variety of tiles - textured to allow attachment of marine organisms - on a table top

Other Eccleston George Projects

Sunken Troll’s Head

Large sculpture of a Troll's head, sunken in the grass

Triceratops Play Feature

large concrete triceratops dinosaur play feature sprawled in school ground

Alan Titchmarsh rides our Giant Gribble

Celebrity broadcaster and gardener Alan Titchmarsh rides our Giant Gribble - a fearsome beast with stainless steel fangs