BBC Earth Unplugged at the Poo Museum

Edu-tuber Maddie Moate made a video about us. Watch it now and learn how to polish a turd.

Back in September we spent a day with the team from BBC Earth Unplugged. Nige, Chez and Dan showed Maddie around Poo Museum HQ before setting off to collect a sample from nearby Sandown Zoo. The plan was to give Maddie some hands-on experience of collecting and preserving faeces…

BBC Earth Unplugged

It was fascinating to watch Maddie and her team at work - a really enjoyable day. However, one small inaccuracy crept into the video’s title. To set the record straight, we are not the World’s first poo museum. That honour goes to the Italian Shit Museum. We are the World’s No 2 poo museum.

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