2017 Tour - Sandown, Isle of Wight

We started our tour on March 18, a few hundred metres from Poo Museum HQ. Here's how it went.

Since the end of our summer-long exhibition at Isle of Wight Zoo, we’ve been working to make the Poo Museum a richer and more interactive experience.

Sandown library was the first chance to introduce visitors to our new-look touring exhibition. We’ll soon be anouncing more dates, first on the Isle of Wight then on the Mainland.

Take a quick tour of our exhibition

After a week of hard work and a late-night scramble to assemble the exhibition, results were really encouraging.

We aimed to provide a mix of information, entertainment and humour that would work for kids and adults alike.

Visitors certainly seemed engaged. They vanished into our intestine-like maze, often taking 20 or 30 minutes to emerge. For us, the best part was the feedback from visitors - responses to our exhibits and stories about their own experiences of poo - and the enthusiasm of the kids.

A big thank-you to the staff at Sandown Library for making us so welcome.

Our exhibits included:

  • More Poo Globes, displayed along with the fascinating stories they can tell us.

  • An experiment to investigate the mysterious Mariko Aoki Phenomenon.

  • Fake Fossil Poo, an activity for kids.

  • Poo Jokes.

  • Award-winning poo-themed films. Our thanks to film directors Alex Buch from Germany and Vijay S. Jodha from India for permission to screen their work. Also to Fettle Animation for the infuriatingly catchy ‘Poo at the Zoo’.

  • Poo-themed musical entertainment from Spike Oatley and Nicola Winsland.

  • Kids’ books. Author Nicola Winsland was at hand to sign copies of ‘Pooems’, her illustrated anthology of funny poo verse.

Mariko Aoki Phenomenon

We are developing an experiment to investigate this mystery from Japan. Can it be true that bookshops loosen your bowels?

Fake Fossil Poo
Bearded man examines a replica ancient poo which is perched on his knee. In the foreground a tray of replica poos
Poo Technician Bill attempts to create a replica of the world-famous Lloyds Bank Viking Turd, an object described by Archaeologist Andrew 'Bones' Jones as 'the most exciting piece of excrement I've ever seen. In its own way ... as valuable as the Crown Jewels'

In-house Contributions

Tucked away discreetly behind this Lion poo sphere is a glass case containing our latest exhibit, a human poo personally created by one of our directors. He attributes its size to muesli consumption.

Outside Contributions

Halfway through the weekend, we noticed that pigeons had created their own exhibit on a window ledge.

Help Flush away Poverty

Toilet Twinning is a charity that raises money to provide toilets in places where they are desperately needed. Thanks to Lesley Quirk for providing us with this mini-loo collecting box!

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