Use snippets to embed visual elements into the posts you create with Prose Editor. For each attribute in the snippet, fill in the appropriate value for your content. Then copy-paste the snippet into the edit page of Prose.

For guidance, check out the examples on this page. To explore what a particular snippet will do, copy-paste its accompanying example into Prose's edit page and then click the preview button to see the result.

Please do fill in the alt (alternative text) attribute for all image snippets. This helps visually impaired people who use screen readers. Describe the image succinctly. For example, alt='A brown cow stands alone in field' or alt='A diverse group of cheering fans watch a football game'

Only fill in optional attributes when you know you need them. To learn what these attributes do, explore the examples on this page.

When the the sametab attribute is omitted or set to true, the linked page will display in a new browser tab (that's usually the behaviour you want). Set sametab to false if you want it to display in the current browser tab.

Please don't omit the {% and %} symbols that identify the begining and end of each snippet. If you do, Github's website generator won't be able to update the website with your changes.

Prose has a bug which makes it unable to preview most snippets properly. Hopefully it will be fixed sometime.