Poo Tube

Some of our favourite poo-related videos

    The Big Business

    A boy treads on dog poo and discovers that 'where there's muck, there's brass'. Amateur film maker Alex Buch won a string of awards for this short film starring his young son. Video: Alex Buch.

    Poop on a Pedestal

    Shawn Shafner of The Peoples Own Organic Power (POOP) Project interviews Dan Roberts from The Poo Museum. Video: Shawn Shafner/POOP Project.

    Poop on Poverty

    Every day 2 billion people worldwide use animal dung as fuel. It is a cheap and sustainable energy source that reduces pressure on natural environment. This is the story of the camel dung collectors of Puskhar. Video: Vijay S. Jodha .

    Poo at the Zoo Song

    Animation for kids. Video: Fettle. Song: Peanut Butter Fingers (aka Alan Gregg).

    Earth Unplugged - Poo Museum

    Maddie Moate and her team from the BBC's Earth Unplugged made a video about us. Watch as Maddie collects Meerkat Poo and learns how to polish a turd Video: BBC.

    Zombie Snails

    Parasites transmitted by poo invaded this snail's eyestalks! Video: Gilles San Martin.

    The Parrotfish Song

    A hermit crab's tale. Video: Sisbro Studios.

    My Office - Sewage Diver

    Video: Uber, Helsinki.

    Blast-freezing lemur faeces

    A team from the National Poo Museum and Sandown Zoo uses a fire extinguisher to quickly freeze lemur faeces, temporarily hardening the delicate suface. In this state the poo can be safely transferred to the Museum for further treatment and preservation. Video: National Poo Museum.

    Winning the Poo

    Working in a hospital inspired Belgian photographer Anne Charlotte Wouters to create beautiful portraits of people and their poo. Finding sitters wasn’t easy. Read more about her project on out blog. Video: Anne Charlotte Wouters.